Ambassador Program

As an Ambassador, you become the key to the growth of our organization.  We have only hosted events in our local area of Michigan to date.  We are seeking ambitious, outgoing leaders to pave the way to host events in other cities.  Your main responsibility will be to host a yearly event, become our eyes and ears to tell us how we can support the women in your area better. 

What Are My Responsibilities?

  • Host a minimum of 1 event per year

  • Assist Total Woman with visiting, booking, and recommending venues

  • Identify and establish local discount partnerships

  • Secure local vendors, give-aways for events

  • Assemble your local team of 6 people to assist with all above tasks

  • Participate in planning conference calls with organizational executives

Title. Double click me.

Yes, I am Interested in Becoming a Ambassador!

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